The most powerful way to fight poverty is to arm
people with the right tools.

Dear Friend,

We are a unique anti-poverty organization – we don’t fight poverty by giving handouts. We fight poverty by arming those in need with the tools to help themselves. Human Rights Tech helps to break the cycle of poverty by:

• ending the isolation of the impoverished through an introduction to technology;
• teaching local activists to use this technology to organize; and
• helping local activists develop organizational strategies that will bring resources and benefits directly to their communities.

Our strategy has been enormously effective, and it makes sense: one of the key obstacles that poor communities face is the inability to access or effectively use the resources that already exist to help them.

But we need your help to continue our important work. Right now, there are more communities that have asked for our help than we can possibly serve due to financial constraints. Your tax-deductible contribution will help fight poverty at its source. When you fight poverty at its source, you can reach so many more people. With just a small contribution, you can empower these communities to break the cycle of poverty, and to become effective advocates for the issues that affect them the most.

You can make a contribution quickly and easily at our website:

Join our battle to end the paralyzing isolation that the poor have had to endure. Let’s give these communities the resources they really need to stand up and make their voices heard. With your help, they’ll get them.


Chris Caruso
Human Rights Tech
P.O. Box 31905
Philadelphia, PA 19104

p.s. Please consider going to and making a tax-deductible contribution to Human Rights Tech. Your contribution will help a unique anti-poverty organization fight poverty.